The Top 10 coalition is a catalyst for change, aligning partners’ individual strengths into a collective power for improved community health. Together we will decrease the burden of chronic disease and develop a culture of health in Central Indiana by focusing on: improving the built environment, increasing access to safe physical activity, increasing access to better nutrition, and promoting smoke free air and tobacco cessation. In order to effectively catalyze change in our community, Top 10 will take the following roles in public policy:


  • Proposing and pursuing policy changes
  • Creating policy briefs and
  • Organizing partners to move policy forward
  • Serving on a steering or advisory committee for a particular policy coalition
  • Note: Top 10 will only become the lead organization if partners identify a gap in leadership on a particular public policy, and only with prior approval from the steering committee

Actively Engage:

  • Sending action alerts to coalition partners
  • Actively recruiting partners through directed asks (email, phone calls)
  • Creating and submitting letters to the editor and/or policy makers
  • Sharing activities and information on policies with partners
  • Note: Top 10 will only become a connector organization with prior approval from the steering committee

Watch For:

  • Sending policy updates to partners through the monthly Top 10 newsletter
  • Supporting or issuing resolutions
  • Policies currently listed under “participate” include those that have not yet been officially proposed by another partner, but have been identified as an area of interest to Top 10. (Note: Participation does not require steering committee approval, only policy taskforce approval if the policy is aligned with at least 1 of the 4 Top 10 focus areas).

Implement: Top 10 will assist in implementing policy after it is enacted

  • Convene stakeholders to identify resources, implementation plan and measurement

Timeline for updating yearly policy agenda:

  1. In Quarters 2 and 3 of each year, Top 10 will survey all existing partners to determine any new or emerging policy priorities they are pursuing.
  2. The Policy taskforce will take the results of this survey, along with any other emerging policies, and determine:
    1. If the policy is something Top 10 will support.
    2. If the taskforce determines the policy is something Top 10 will support, they will also determine which role is appropriate for Top 10 (Lead, Connect, or Participate). The steering committee will give final approval.
  3. If new policies emerge in the middle of the year, requiring immediate action from Top 10, they will be sent to both the steering committee and policy taskforce for approval.