Top 10 Work Teams

Our work teams are focused on decreasing the burden of chronic disease by:
– Improving the built environment
– Increasing access to safe physical activity
– Increasing access to better nutrition
– Promoting smoke free air and tobacco cessation


Our primary aim is to reduce the rates of chronic disease in Central Indiana. Check out our metrics page to learn more about how partners in Central Indiana are measuring this progress. Lets start making a change in our community today. Click below to view some of the current metrics.


It is because of the hard work and dedication of many partners that Central Indiana is on its way to becoming a healthier community. We would love to support you in your efforts! Top 10 is always searching for new partners to join forces with to strengthen our cause.


In order to effectively catalyze change in our community, Top 10 takes a variety of roles in advocating for public policy improvements. Check out our current policy agenda here!

Did you know chronic disease costs Central Indiana around 6.92 billion dollars (that’s in both medical cost and lost productivity)? With your help, we can decrease that burden.

Top 10: Transforming Health in Central Indiana

The Top 10 coalition is a catalyst for change, aligning partners’ individual strengths into a collective power for improved community health. Today over 115 coalition partners have come together under a common vision and shared metrics, to expand and support each other’s work.

Check out the latest Top 10 annual report!